For many business owners, the journey to success
can be filled with challenges. Clear Capital Group has
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business’s needs and help you thrive.

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Loan Amounts From $25,000 - $500,000

Commercial Finance Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Clear Capital Group, Inc. is a specialty commercial finance firm advocating for and serving the 90% of businesses who are declined by banks and credit unions.

For the past decade, local banks and credit unions have limited their lending offerings to small and emerging businesses. Due to strict qualification parameters, less than 10% of businesses seeking funding actually get it.

Because we understand the fundamental role capital plays in an enterprises’ operation, we provide funding solutions for small and mid-size businesses as well as real estate investors.

We achieve this by connecting clients with sorely needed capital resources within our vast and diversified network of national bank and alternative financial institutions which translates into solid market knowledge, specialized lending solutions, and a much higher funding rate for clients who engage our services.

We also offer an online Business Credit Builder Suite for our clients to establish solid credit for their operating business independent of their personal credit.

We work hard to get you the funding you need and only get paid when we successfully fund your proposal. Due to our unique business model, our success is determined by the success of our clients so we collaborate together to find the best capital solution for each client.

Popular Programs

Among our more popular financial products are:



Real Estate Loans


Clear Capital Group offers a diverse portfolio of real estate funding solutions for your next project.



Business Loans

Depending on your business model and financial goals, we have solutions, and other innovative options that can fulfill the financing needs of your business.



Business Lines of Credit


Unsecured business lines of credit for new or established enterprises are essential for helping companies manage financial goals effectively.


Media & News

Alternative Financing Sources for Your Real Estate Business
The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Released May 29, 2017

Serious real estate investors and syndicators operate as businesses. A huge but often over-looked benefit of a properly structured business is it creates alternative sources of funding many investors aren’t aware of. So give yourself some credit and tune into this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, as we visit with Joe Nielsen of Clear Capital Group, an expert in alternative financing sources for your real estate investing business.

Small Businesses to Global Corporations

Clear Capital Group offers a literal buffet of financing options tailored to meet the needs of any business regardless of what stage of growth they are in as well as financing solutions involving real estate.

Whether you are starting your company and seeking start-up funds, need working capital for completing a new initiative, in a growth phase and need to acquire more space, or are a real estate investor or developer needing fast and creative financing for your project, Clear Capital Group wants to help.

Are you tired of spending weeks and months filling out endless applications and providing volumes of documentation only to be declined and forced to start the search all over again?

Call or email us today and get your commercial finance questions answered.

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