What To Ask When Purchasing Used Medical Devices

Do you need medical devices for your business? If so, you probably realize that you can save money by buying used equipment. Purchasing the right medical devices is of particular importance if you are a teaching facility, such as a nursing school or a respiratory simulation lab, as your students need to practice on equipment which is as technologically up to date as possible.

The Difficulty of Obtaining Up-To-Date Used Medical Devices

You can contact the manufacturers of medical devices currently being used by health care providers in your locality. However, such manufacturers will usually refer you to their authorized distributors. The problem here is that most rental providers or sellers of used equipment will offer you devices that are not the most current or patient-ready. Also, such used equipment usually has no history of ownership, repairs or recalls.

Software Updates

Software updates to medical devices occur frequently. Up-to-date software is essential for your students to learn how to program medical devices correctly.

Questions to Ask a Potential Supplier

If you are seeking to buy used or refurbished medical devices, ask the supplier the following:

Are you an authorized reseller of (name the medical device and the manufacturer)?
What is the serial number of the medical device?
When was the medical device manufactured?
Has the medical device ever been subject to recall? If so, were the required modifications made?
What is the current version of the medical device’s software?
Does the medical device come with manuals and training materials?
Has the medical device undergone a recent maintenance check to make it patient-ready?
What kind of warranty is provided and how is service performed?
What options are there for repairs when the warranty expires?
Obtaining Financing for Your Medical Devices

Clear Capital Group has expertise in the provision of funding to health care providers and teaching facilities in the medical field. If you are in need of medical devices for your business, contact us to see how we can assist you to obtain the equipment you need.


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