Why Your Company Culture Should Match Your Brand

When you think about your company’s culture and brand, do they match up? Are you offering one type of experience to your customers while providing another experience to your employees? Creating a thriving business while establishing a healthy workplace can be hard to juggle, but there are a few ways to ensure that your brand matches your company culture.

Make and review a culture deck of your company.

A culture deck is a series of slides that outlines your team’s behavior, such as a do’s and don’ts list. It should be clear, direct, and easily accessible to everyone—your employees, customers, and the public. This important company document will create transparency and accountability.

Make sure that these are solely your company’s values.

You should remember that what may work for Google or some other company may not work for you. These company values should really work only for you and your team only. You’re creating this as a guarantee to your customers and your team members that these are the standards your company holds.

Establish a way to gather employee feedback.

As a leader, you know the difficulties of getting an accurate picture of your company’s morale and culture. You’ll need to create a mosaic, pulling information from a variety of sources. Though annual performance reviews are becoming obsolete, having one-on-one meetings with every team member is a good place to start. Team building activities, town hall meetings, and other social activities can be other ways to establish consistent check-in times.

Become a Level 5 leader.

This concept comes from Jim Collins, author of Good to Great. These leaders share, or even turn, the spotlight of praise onto their team members. When company problems arise, Level 5 leaders look at themselves first. To have a great company culture, you need to be inclusive.

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