How Customer Feedback Can Help Grow Your Business

Customer feedback is imperative for growing and improving your business, and should always be high priority. When people leave reviews, you get information about what your customers like and don’t like about your current business, your products, and your practices. This feedback is extremely helpful for growing your business. Here are some benefits you will reap from collecting feedback:

Customer Loyalty and Online Social Proof
Take good care of your customers and you will keep them coming back. Ask your customers for feedback, and to share their experiences about your business online. People trust businesses that have lots of online reviews, especially if the majority of them are positive. Don’t be afraid of the one-off bad review; just be sure to handle it professionally and it won’t hurt your reputation.

Learn what Dissatisfies Customers

Often, you are busy, and do not know what your customers are unhappy with. Honestly, there will be times when you don’t even know that they are unhappy. By asking for feedback consistently, you will find these things out and can remedy situations that need it.

Learn what Pleases Your Customers  

While some things will obviously delight your customers, there may be other things you do, or products you have, that they’d like to tell you about. In addition, they may do business with you for reasons other than your business; perhaps they know you coach a youth soccer league or volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

You are busy, and can’t be everywhere. For that reason, you must be able to trust that your employees are treating your customers well. Be sure to add in a few questions about your employees to your customer feedback forms, so you’ll know who is doing great work, and who needs to go.

Asking your customers for feedback is not hard, and it will create a bond between existing customers and you. Additionally, it will give new customers a chance to let you know what they think, and if they will be back. Finally, make it known through social channels that you love feedback, that you are listening and making improvements based on their suggestions.


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