Commercial Real Estate Financing Built to Fit Your Company

commercial real estate financing


Whether your next project is a new building for your company as you expand or you are building a portfolio of stabilized real estate investments, Clear Capital Group offers a diverse portfolio of real estate funding solutions that work together ensuring your next project receives the financial resources you need to make it successful.

SBA Loans

Borrowers who meet the Small Business Administration’s requirements for company size and volume of business will find we are able to facilitate loans with rates down to 4.5 percent and terms out to 25 years.

Conventional Commercial Real Estate Loans

Fixed rate, amortizing loans with repayment terms between 10 and 30 years are available for borrowers looking to finance projects in the range of $200,000 to $100 million. Current rates run as low as 3.75 percent.

CMBS Loans

Commercial mortgage backed security (CMBS) loans amortize much like conventional loans. Where they differ is in their structure. CMBS loans are split into shares and sold to investors, allowing a larger group of financial backers to come together and support the funding of your project. This option also allows for unrestricted cash out up to maximum LTV/DSCR.

Bridge Loans

When you need a short-term loan to cover your expenses and provide working capital in the middle of a project, bridge loans offer you a way to control costs by securing the property to the loan. Whether you are renovating with plans to resell or positioning yourself to make a move elsewhere in the market, bridge loans help ease the short-term strain.

Equity and Mezzanine Financing

When you need a little extra funding above and beyond what is available through traditional loan products, equity sponsorships and hybrid mezzanine financing both provide options that control the amount of debt your project takes on.

HUD and FHA Financing

Qualified borrowers looking to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct qualified classes of real estate will find our associates are ready to connect them to favorable terms offered by these programs.

International and Construction Financing

When your project is being constructed on a global scale, either because you are working abroad or because you need the kind of high net worth investments the international market brings, our associates are ready to connect you to the funds you need. Call today.