Your SBA Small Business Loan Center

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Clear Capital Group is proud to work with many niche specific preferred providers of SBA loan packages. That means that our quality standards are such that the Small Business Administration allows us to process and approve small business loan packages that access their backing. This streamlines the process and helps us get our clients Administration-backed funding that moves more quickly than they expected it could.

Construction, Renovation, and Acquisition Loans

The Administration provides for loans for the construction, acquisition, or renovation of a variety of commercial properties, including:

  • Factory and warehouse spaces
  • Retail storefronts
  • Office spaces
  • Auto repair shops
  • Restaurants

The property owner needs to occupy at least fifty percent for most SBA loan packages, and sixty percent for some. There are also limitations placed on the size of the business. Talk to an associate today for more details.

Equipment Financing Through the Small Business Administration

Financing for a variety of classes of commercial equipment, vehicles, and tools is available, and the loan packages provided through these programs are designed to work with you, so your equipment purchases are budgeted as a long-term investment. This guarantees you have what you need to keep working, and it also guarantees that your individual payment sizes are controlled.

With some of the lowest equipment financing rates available and loan repayment terms of up to 15 years, it is easy to get a sustainable start through these packages.

Business Acquisition Loans

Depending on the financial reports for the company you are looking to purchase, there are also some acquisition loan packages available for applicants looking to purchase an existing small business. Its income needs to be under $1.25 million per year, and other indicators of financial health also have to check out, but up to 90% LTV is available to fund the purchase of existing companies.

To talk about any of our small business loan solutions, get in touch with a Clear Capital Group associate today.