Done For You Real Estate

Guided Real Estate Investing

We Do the Work for You

Clear Capital Group and their partners consistently help clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth with a Guided Real Estate Investing approach. 

This means each client begins with a complete wealth blueprint that demonstrates where you are and how to successfully transition into real estate investing which allows you to enjoy your investments and the retirement income your single family real estate portfolio produces.

By walking our clients step by step through purchasing residential rental real estate that produces continuous positive cash flow and growth, we help people realize their dreams and achieve their financial goals.

Partnering with our strategic partners and their proprietary investing system and professional team, comprised of leading experts in every aspect of real estate, our clients confidently enter the real estate market knowing that they have a team of seasoned practitioners behind them every step of the way.

This team seeks out real estate assets all over the county and in the best markets that meet exacting criteria and then offers these properties exclusively to you, our valued clients.

We go so far as to assist clients to find tenants, manage the property and collect the rent.

Our team of dedicated experts do all the work for you which includes:

  • Finding the properties
  • Rehab if needed
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Property Management Vetting
  • Tenant Placement
  • Etc…

You as the investor are guided every step of the way. You keep 100% of the profits generated from your asset!

Free consulting and access to our team. The only requirement is that you have roughly 35k to begin buying properties right away! This is not a “membership fee” or anything else, this requirement ensures that you are in a position to make the best use of the resources and services our team will provide you. 

Give us a call today 801.682.1722 to learn more about how our team guides you every step of the way in your real estate investing journey.