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We Offer An Open Invitation To Our Marketing Partners & Referral Program

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If you know of a small business in need of marketing, Clear Capital Group has a referral and partner program for small business owners which offers competitive and unique benefits. We can help small business owners get a jumpstart on marketing, while simultaneously giving you a recurring stream of revenue

Online Marketing & Professional Design

Clear Capital Group has a very unique approach to online marketing to help our partners become the “go to” resource for their clients and customers. We offer both financial and marketing services to small businesses to ensure growth, while simultaneously giving our partners recurring monthly revenue streams. Our small business marketing program features the following benefits:

  • Become an invaluable resource for all of your clients’ financial and marketing needs.
  • Help grow your customers’ revenue by maximizing their online marketing capabilities.
  • We provide you with a lucrative and recurring monthly stream of revenue.

Online Marketing Is A Growing Source Of Revenue

80 percent of consumers use the internet when searching for product or service. This number is expected to grow as more people become reliant on mobile devices. While online marketing has worked wonders for national brands, local and small businesses are tapping into online marketing to grow their revenue exponentially, compared to relying on “word of mouth” and foot traffic. Our online marketing services give local and small businesses the ability to:

  •    Establish and prow an effective online presence   
  •   Increase rankings in major search engine
  •     Get a wider audience from customers making local searches
  •    Leverage GPS mapping directories
  •     Control their business information on the internet
  •   Leverage customer reviews and social media to build credibility with their customer base 

Online Marketing Services From Clear Capital Group

Clear Capital Group provides a number of online marketing services to local and small businesses. Our packages can be customized to fit the needs of your clients, and offer features such as

  • Dedicated SEO management
  • Geo-targeting for products and services
  • Website design
  • Traffic analysis
  • Keyword benchmarking
  • e-Commerce
  • On-page keyword optimization
  • Anchor text
  • SEO curating
  • Local citations
  • Back-linking
  • Social media boosting
  • Email marketing
  • Local directory placement
  • Pay-per-click lead generation 

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By using our referral program, our partners can generate thousands in recurring monthly revenue. Contact our offices to learn more about our online marketing services for local and small businesses, today.

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