The perks of using Customer Loyalty Cards at Your Small Business

Happy customers are the key to improving your business. Customer satisfaction equals return business and free marketing, so keeping them content should be your first priority.

An excellent way to make sure that your customers choose your business is to introduce a customer loyalty card. This simple marketing tool helps generate new business and retain existing customers, with minimal investment on your part.

How Do Customer Loyalty Cards Work?

Loyalty cards offer an incentive for customers to come back over and over. Many programs use a point-based system where customers accrue points towards a reward with every purchase. By tying them to a simple reward, often a discount or a gift, you give the customer a reason to choose your company over the competition. Other businesses offer a discount or access to special sale items with every purchase.

Loyalty programs offer advantages to your business beyond repeat customers. The information your customers provide during the sign-up process makes it easy to get information about your demographics, leading to more opportunities for targeted advertising. Moreover, as your clients develop shopping habits at your business, you can use the data they generate to learn even more about your clientele.

Customer Loyalty Cards Improve Business

By encouraging your customers to choose your business over the competition, you guarantee that your patrons will become return shoppers. Offering sale prices and incentives create a feeling among your customers that they are getting a deal. This often leads to them spending more money! Deep discounts for loyalty card holders and exclusive sale offers allow you to introduce your customers to products they may not be aware of, leading to increased product awareness and overall sales.
For an easy, effective marketing investment with proven results, there is no better choice than customer loyalty cards. Clear Capital Group understands how marketing can help your small business succeed and grow. For more information on how to obtain the working capital you need to implement your customer loyalty card program, contact our team today.


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